Kuec auction japan

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Kuec auction japan

Please read carefully before participating in our auctions. Much of our inventory has been maintained and serviced at our Hitachi Service Centers, and have been inspected by our experienced team of sales and mechanics. With over 30 years of experience in the global trading business of used construction equipment, HCMJ is renowned as one of the premier sources for all types and brands of heavy machinery in Japan. HCMJ Parade Auction is a live auction in which machines parade in front of an audience to facilitate bidding.

Bidders, who display their bidding cards at the highest price for exhibits during parade auctions, retain priority to the right to purchase the specific and particular Exhibit that was bid upon. Our tender auction is simaltaneously held with a parade auction, or may be held alone. On-site bidding and online bidding are available. Bidders who submitted the highest bid amongst other valid bids shall be successful bidders. Bidders interested in a particular Exhibit, enter a maximum bid amount unique to each individual Exhibit surpassing the starting call price for the specific Exhibit.

Our system will continue to place bids on your behalf as necessitated for you to outbid others, retaining your priority to an Exhibit against others. The priority to an Exhibit may be won without having to reach your set maximum amount.

kuec auction japan

Contact us for further information on Buying, Selling, and participating in our Auctions. Selling Buying About Auction Login. With over 1, units of used construction machinery featured in every parade event, including products from Hitachi and other major manufacturers; our auctions attract a large number of buyers from countries all around the world.

In addition to our onsite auctions held at our Sakura and Kobe locations, HCMJ also regularly conducts tender auctions and internet auctions. What's parade? Each unit of exhibits parade to be auctioned in front of potential buyers.

Parade auction procedure HCMJ Parade Auction is a live auction in which machines parade in front of an audience to facilitate bidding. What's Tender? Tender auction procedure Our tender auction is simaltaneously held with a parade auction, or may be held alone. What's internet auction? Exhibits shown and auctioned online in real time. Inquiry Contact us for further information on Buying, Selling, and participating in our Auctions.

Contact us.Please submit the following documents to complete the application. The registration deposit JPYis required in order to apply for membership. KUEC will request you the deposit of tender bond, once you are approved the membership registration. Please enter your contact information below and submit the application form.

The personal information we do collect is used only to process a request for information or for marketing our products or services.

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We do not sell, rent or transmit personal information to other organizations. Home Auction Membership Registration Procedures. Auction Membership Registration Procedures. Flow of Membership Registration Procedures Please read the following information if you wish to apply for auction membership.

STEP 1 Applicant needs to read following information and complete the application form. STEP 2 Designated staff will contact you by e-mail. Once you are approved the membership registration, KUEC will request you the deposit of tender bond. Documents Required for Membership Registration Please submit the following documents to complete the application. Deposit The registration deposit JPYis required in order to apply for membership. New Auction Membership Registration Application Form Please enter your contact information below and submit the application form.Many exporters have done the 2 step process to become members of these auctions.

One, they have become a used car dealer. Next they have built up memberships in each of the auctions. That process in itself is lengthy and often involves guarantors, an antiquated system that still remains in Japan. Only then do they attain bidding rights to purchase from the auctions. This is not the best way to purchase however, as their is no control over the bidding process and often the car will be purchased at a more expensive price.

As mentioned, only dealers registered in Japan have the rights to attend and bid on vehicles. However, it is very common for a dealer to take the public, including foreign buyers, into the auctions, although officially it is against their policies. During peak months March and April there may be up tocars and trucks per week going through these auctions.

During the quieter periods January, August and December the number would be about two thirds of this. The auctions are situated all over Japan from the top island of Hokkaido in the North to the small islands of Okinawa in the South. Provide cars occasionally buys from Hokkaido and has bought from Okinawa as well.


However, due to the extreme distance from the main ports, the inland transportation costs are too prohibitive. The three main ports for export also hold the majority of auctions that Provide Cars purchases from: Tokyo KantoNagoya and Osaka Kansai. Supply of vehicles to the Japanese car auctions comes from various sources. The Maker dealers are not restricted to their own auctions and regularly sell their cars into the mainstream auctions as well. The second supply of vehicles comes from the normal used car dealer network.

The most common style of bidding is done live by clicking a buttonthough the process is a lot more complicated than it seems. The largest of these is the USS Tokyo auction, where 8 lanes of cars are sold at the same time non stop until the auction finishes.

No brakes for lunch or dinner. This is a tender type of bidding. A registered bid is secretly placed with the auction. At a set time the auction declares the winner. The Japanese accounting year finishes on March 31st. Companies and dealers, for tax purposes, want to reduce their inventory of vehicles by this date. They put their vehicles into the auctions at must sell prices to reduce their stock for tax purposes.

Car tax the larger the engine the larger the tax is also to be paid by the owner every April.

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Companies and individuals therefore will often hold onto their vehicle until the car tax is to be paid and then trade it into to a dealer, who in turns sells into the auctions. Due to demand and supply, when supply is high, March, April the prices are low.We are a one-stop portal, delivering to most corners of the world since This great service is for all types of buyers, including serious collectors, eBay resellers, drop shippers and all enthusiasts of Japanese items.

If you want access to a fantastic array of hard to find items, delivered to your door with just one click, you should register today. You place your bids through us in real time via our website. Once you have set your maximum price our bidding system will work for you. We deal with the sellers from placing bids to processing payment and then organizing shipment from our warehouse right to your door. October 09, Actually, there used to be an "eBay Japan" auction website in English that started in But eBay Japan has officially stopped posting auction listings in March At present, Yahoo Japan Auctions is the largest auction website in Japan.

June 27, Bidding for an item on Yahoo! Japan is very similar to eBay. There is a defined time for the auction to run. You decide your maximum price and then the system will offer bids against other buyers, up to your maximum. When the auction ends, the person with the highest bid wins the auction and is directed to complete payment and delivery. If there is a BIN price set by the seller, the first bidder who reaches the BIN will stop the auction and is the winner.

Unlike eBay, if someone places a lower bid another person can still choose the BIN price. January 04, In Yahoo! Japan auctions, the time for bidding will be extended by five minutes if there is a late bid. Each extension of five minutes can continue to be extended, provided there is another bid entering the system.

April 03, Japan Auctions. Fishing Supplies. Electric Guitars. Japanese Antiques.

kuec auction japan

Welcome to Jauce! You register for free, you start searching for the items you like, and it is all in English. With Jauce, you can consolidate the shipping to save on international delivery fees. We can package your purchases into as few boxes as possible which reduces your shipping cost.

Our package consolidation makes delivery easier, safer and cheaper in many cases. They buy from Japan and then resell on other marketplaces, like eBay, Amazon, or their websites.

As Japan is full of cool and unique products, this business model works well. People love to buy Japanese things because they are so different from what they can get in their own countries. If you're a seller of these things, then, you'll be the place they go to buy from. This step-by-step guide will help you to use JAUCE to the fullest so you can make more money as an online reseller.

It may even help you to start a profitable business. Japanese apparel brands are trending right now with many fashionable styles. Japan Auctions and other online Japanese stores.


International shoppers often want to know if there is an eBay Japan website, like in other countries, where they can find all of their favorite, cool Japanese things. There is an eBay Japan website, but it works a little differently to the eBay websites in other countries. Clearly, when it comes down to auction bidding, the small amounts DO matter.I certify that I have read the above statement and agree to. Home Log In. Log In. Login ID Password Show password. The last bidder becomes a successful bidder.

An auction can be extended multiple times. If there is no bid at the starting price, then the Auction for that Exhibit is handled as void.

Furthermore, all the photos posted and machine specifications depicted on this website are just for your reference. No warranty as to the accuracy of information contained is implied or given. You have to carry the Purchased Product out of the Auction yard within 30 days from the last day of Auction, after completing the payment thereof. You have to carry the Purchased Product out of the Auction yard within 30 days after the last day of Auction, after completing the payment thereof, on the terms and conditions separately agreed between you and KUEC.

Please note that KUEC might take the following actions as a result of such examination. Depending on the laws and regulations of the countries of destination concerning environment protection, product safety and so on, the same rule as described above may apply.

Please contact us for detailed procedures. Section 1. Those who fall into one of the following items may obtain membership and be entitled to participate in the Auction. Distributors, dealers, affiliated rental companies and similar legal entities of Komatsu Group, 2.

Used-equipment dealers without any previous business relationship with KUEC who are allowed by KUEC to be new members however, limited to certified used-equipment dealers. Section 2. Registration An applicant for new membership registration, who does not fall into item 1 and 2 of Section1, shall follow the procedure outlined below: 1. The new Member shall deposit tender bond ofyen or the equivalent sum in U.

KUEC keeps the tender bond as long as the Member retains its membership. If the Member becomes a successful bidder, it may have the tender bond released and credited against the purchase price. In this case, the Member shall redeposit the tender bond in order to participate in the next Auction.

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In this case, the membership shall be revoked and the relevant ex-Member shall apply for membership registration again to participate in the Auction. Section 3. Disqualification 1. Members who have neither participated in the Auction for 2 years or more nor have any ordinary business with KUEC shall lose their membership.

Members may withdraw from their membership at their own discretion. KUEC will refund the remaining tender bond if any at the time of the withdrawal. Section 4. Warranty and Indemnity 1. KUEC and auctioneers do not provide any warranty for Exhibits. KUEC accepts no claim from Members concerning the performance, quality or alleged defect of Exhibits.Bid in English!

Welcome, Sign in or Register. April 11 Saturday Yahoo Auctions All Categories. Home electronics, cameras. Books, magazines. Movies, videos. Toys, games. Hobbies, culture. Antique goods and collection. Sports, leisure.

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Automobiles, motorbikes. Accessories, watches. Beauty, health care. Food, beverage. Home, interior. Office and shop supplies.

kuec auction japan

Flowers, gardening. Ticketscash voucher. Baby goods. Celebrity memorabilia. Comics, animation items. Mobaoku Auctions All Categories. Amazon All Categories.

Used Construction machinery Auction in Japan

Auto motive. Foreign Books. Health Personal Care. Home Improvement. Musical Instruments.This is a page about the Japanese used construction machine auction. It achieved the rise consecutively for two months, and, as for the width, it was it with the past the second size to be next to 7.

Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry basic tone judgment of March because is "delayed", "the movement of the improvement is watched"; was similar, and revised it upward. But it was assumed that it "was necessary to pay attention to a standard being low" and avoided the judgment whether or not It hit the bottom. The production index rises mainly on an export-related type of industry. The transportation machine industry 7.

When the electronic parts faced China abroad, turned domestically, and, as for the growth, the car, an article for Europe and America improved together. As for the shipment index, consecutive rises, the inventory index deteriorate consecutively four months for 2. The manufacturing industry production prediction of May is 8. Posted by Auction at PM.

Labels: News. I walk with four legs and lift an object of kilos at the maximum by two arms. I let you concentrate oil pressure and the technology of the electronic control that you cultivated by crane development till now taking advantage of having greeted the 60th anniversary foundation last year.

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For design two years, I took one year for development. Aboutyen business expenses. With "the movement control system" which I studied in cooperation with a Masaru Okayama department of engineering, I possess the walk function that there was not on a conventional crane. Full length 3. Four legs are fixed at the time of the work and become the stable leg called an outrigger. In addition, the arm of the conventional crane was degree to expand and contract, but I arranged 27 places of joints in ROBOTOPS and bent an arm and enabled and I turned the wrist which caught a thing free movement.

Furthermore, I put in total three cameras on two arms and bodies and cut it by remote control while watching a monitor. President at Tadano "a crane will do robotization in the future".

The confidence product which embodied in the possibility of the future crane with the technology that I had as form. The plan of the commodification does not have it for the moment,; but want to "polish the movement of a leg and the arm more".

I raise technology more when I can utilize disaster spot and atomic energy-related institutions in the spot that a person does not put and am planning to want to keep it alive for the making of future product. Labels: NewsTadano. The reason is because the fall of global demand is not stopped, and the layoff of an employee carrying it out in Tsuchiura factories continues until September.

Kikawa law of nature President Jiro clarified it by an interview of the Bloomberg news on 1st. The company realizes 4, aim stock number of the end of September when I announce it by extending production adjustment and is planning to want to turn for factory full operation from October. In the case of the company, stock compression becomes the focus of the achievements recovery. But stock digestion does not advance to the results for a compression aim plan to 7, as expected when I look with stock number of the end of April without 8, and being enough.

President Kikawa extended production adjustment to arrange "production 0 days" when I went in Tsuchiura factories and clarified a policy to set production 0 days for from July to September. In the case of Tsuchiura factory, as for the full days to operate, in May, it was five days for new production in product line. It was a plan to increase full operation days, but, in June, decided to leave it for five days because destocking did not get worse. But I put up production PHS of the same technique ground from July and am planning to aim at the full operation of 30 in 20 daily output, October in September.


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